DIY Fabric Scrap Chain Bracelet

I have to admit that I am one of those freaks who cannot stand throwing fabric away, especially when it's either a funky print or lace. Those are my two major weaknesses. There is absolutely no way for me to use up all the scraps but I try my best to squeeze in a couple of projects here and there that let me save them. Chain bracelets are incredibly chic and elegant, often accompanied by embroidery thread and beads. Fabric scraps almost never look neat but juxtaposed to chain I just melt. The ruggedness just disappears, I love it.

Stuff you need:
Fabric scraps
Needle and thread

1. Use a pair of pliers to cut enough chain to fit around your wrist.

2. Cut several fabric scraps, each one should be around 1cm wide. Play with the different types of fabric. I used printed cotton, t-shirt material and lace.

3. Skip the first chain and then put the fabric through the second one.

4. Weave it through the next 5 to 6 chains. Then sew another strip of fabric to the first one.

5. Continue to weave and add the fabric to the bracelet.

6. Don't go right to the end, leave 4 to 5 chains before that. Trim and knot the excess fabric.

7. Use your pliers to secure the first chain to the last one.

Now all you fashionistas go and add this to your bracelet collection!


Inspiration: Sharpie Prints

September, the most confusing month of the year. For me this is an ambiguous time, I'm not sure whether it is Summer or Fall. So I think that September should be its own season, a season dedicated to prints. I absolutely love prints, especially when they are not perfect but a little crooked in a charming way.

These photos will hopefully make you want go search for those heavenly sharpies you have hidden somewhere around you and scribble out a beautiful print on that incredibly boring dress that you don't know what to do with. Have fun!