Inspiration: Lace

I have a new found love for lace. As I scroll down my tumblr dashboard, I can't help but to always stop at those lovely photos of lace. Here are some of those photos:
Alexa Chung from Style.com






Tumblr... It may not be lace, but I really loved this.
Can't wait to DIY


DIY Fabric Flower Ring

My inspiration: Pink flowers and sunny days. 

Ever since July of last year I have had an obsession for fabric flowers. I find them so fresh and feminine. But whenever I wore them they would always be in my hair, for a change I decided to make one in ring form. I have hundreds of floral headbands and hair clips lying around.

Stuff you need:
A ring base(I used a broken ring and stuck the flower on top)
Needle and thread

1. Draw a flower that is the size and shape you want your ring to be and cut it our. Fold a strip of fabric 4 times and pin the flower cut out on the fabric.

2. Remove the excess fabric.

You should have four flower cut outs.

3. Fold each of them in half and half again.

4. Cut out a circular piece of felt.

5. Sew the petals onto the felt.

Add an embellishment and glue it to the ring. Tadaa!


DIY Black Headband

It may not be high end fashion. But a simple black headband is just a comforting accessory that can worn just about anywhere, at anytime and in anyway. 

This would have to be the easiest tutorial I have ever done.

Stuff you need:
Stockings (You can get a packet of 5 for less than $5 at any convenience or pharmaceutical store)

1. Cut one stocking off a pair of stockings.

2. Cut off the other end of the piece you removed so you have a tube.

It should look like this.

3. Put your hands through the tube and stretch it out.

You can adjust it to whatever width you want. Ta-daa!


Inspiration: Studs

Studs make a bold statement. They give outfits an edge. Below are a few inspirations for some studded DIY projects.
Alexa Chung

From Tumblr: Late Night Fashion

Paris Fashion Week

From Tumblr: Fashion Locker

Paris Fashion Week
Look out for these studded tutorials in the future! :)