Photo Diary: Italy - Part 1

Just a few days ago I got back from an AMAZING holiday in Italy with my family. The food, the fashion, the everything was spectacular. After landing in Milan (the fashion capital) we took a suupppeer fast train east to Venice (a dreamy fantasy, if you ask me). Next we took an even faster train down to Rome (without question my favorite city EVER), then up through a small hill town known as Montepulciano (a cozy paradise) on the way to Florence (I don’t have any words to describe how amazing the art in this city was…just too beautiful). During the trip I overdosed on photography, taking 800+ photos. It was practically impossible to condense it down to just one post. Instead I have decided to split it up into 3 sections: Milan+Venice, Rome (Definitely deserving of its own post and I took majority of the photos here) and Montepulciano+Florence.

The perfect mix of history, fashion and food is Italy, and a great example of this is in Milan, probably the best example too.

I thought I was in a dream when I entered the city. The charming canals, mazed backstreets, truly extraordinary. The scenes from movies such as the Tourist (how I love Johnny Depp here) came to life, without out all the action though, which suited me just fine.