Inspiration: Frayed

Frayed pieces of string have never failed to amaze me in the way that they hang on one’s body. These photos are all different examples of this and all inspiration for DIY. It may be the raw, unfinished look that inspires me, or just the uniqueness of the idea. Whatever it is I really hope it inspires you too.


Hanne Gaby Odiele

My Look book

My previous DIY tutorial, the noodle skirt, could be added to this list of inspiration. Enjoy!


DIY Noodle Skirt

Even though I am not a big fan of them, my inspiration for this DIY were  frayed crop tops. I love the way the t-shirt material hangs when cut into several strips and sort of curls into a 'noodle'. I've seen many DIYers play with that technique to create necklaces, belts and all kinds of fun stuff but I wanted to do something different. So I decided to bring the frayed from the frayed crop top to the bottom half, in skirt form.

Stuff you need: 
Plain t-shirt
Jersey skirt
Needle and thread or sewing machine

1. Remove the top part of the tee and cut the rest of it into several strips at 2 cm intervals. The cutting lines are shown below.

2. Pin the strips to the skirt.

3. Sew them on. Make 2 rows of stitches to be secure.

4. You can either trim the 'noodles' or tie knots at the end of them to make them shorter.



DIY Neon Shoelace Necklace

Forgive my new obsession with neon but how can you not love these bright colors? I know they make everyone happy. So embrace them and don't be afraid to make a bold statement with neon.

I was super excited for this DIY because when I saw these shoelaces in the store I had no idea what on earth I was going to do with them but I bought them anyways. But when I saw this Aurelie Bidermann Necklace I immediately thought of my neon shoelaces for some odd reason. I'm glad I did though.

Stuff you need:
Neon shoelace
Embroidery thread
PVA glue

1. Cut 2 lengths of your shoelace. One should be how long you want the necklace to be and the other should be 1.5 cm shorter than that.

2. Lay both pieces next to each other. Place the thread under one piece.

3. Bring it over and put it under the other.

4. Put it over and under again.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until it looks like this.

6. Tie a knot at the back and cut the embroidery thread. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other end of the 2 pieces.

7. Remove all excess thread put glue on the ends to avoid fraying.

8. Tie the chain to both ends of the shoelace.

Apart from making this necklace another one of my accomplishments this week was making a pinterest account. Please follow it and I will try my best to follow back!


DIY Neon Watch

It may be a tad messy but I still love this watch. The bright neon brings that pop that everyone will be searching for this summer. Fluorescents are one of the most refreshing colors and with summer just around the corner you should start stocking up on those fluorescent pieces and what better way to start off than with the bare necessity of organization, the watch. 

Having a contrasting buckle is optional but I feet the contrast harmonizes the entire accessory. 

Stuff you need:
An old or cheap plastic watch
Neon spray paint
Masking paint

1. Cover the parts of the watch that are not going to be sprayed with masking tape.

2. Preferably on a large sheet of newspaper spray paint the entire watch. For a more even coating, spray several thin layers of paint rather than one heavy coat. Remove the masking tape carefully.

Last but not at all least show off your new neon watch.


Inspiration: Ruffles

Forgive me for my recent lack of posts but I have been super busy lately. Now that I'm back I thought I'd start off with some great DIY inspiration. Ruffles are easy to make and gorgeous too. They always add that girly flare. I'm definitely going to make some ruffled pieces for my closet this season, hope you do too!


Chadwick Bell