DIY Clear Clutch

Chic plastic? Nothing is impossible. Inspired by Chanel's clear plastic clutch, here is a super easy DIY! And do not be afraid of putting plastic through a sewing machine, no harm I promise.

Source: Tommy Ton

Stuff you need:
A4 Plastic Sheet
Bias Tape
Sewing machine
Button mechanism
Small Embellishment

1. Use a rounded object and place on two corners on the short side of the A4 plastic sheet, trace

2. Cut along the lines

3. Sew around just 3 sides of the sheet with the bias tape

4. Mark the centre of the un-biased side and sew one part of the button here

5. Fold over and sew down the sides, leaving a gap at the bottom

6. Sew the other part of the button to the flap of the clutch. On the other side of the plastic attach the embellishment

Ta-daa! So chic, so quickly


Inspiration: Colored Short-Suits

Fashion week is so exciting! Apart from the fashion shows and possibly an even more treasured highlight of these occasions are the snaps of street fashion. Here, I'm loving the short-suit! Especially the bold colors, accessorised with an adorable flower each time. How about picking up some dye and shortening some trousers into a pair of camel shorts (an ever lasting obsession of mine)?