DIY Floral Circle Skirt

Recognize this fabric? Well if you do it is from this summery tutorial I did way back in August of last year, DIY floral printed shorts. Boy, did that year just whiz by. As the new year arrives I am busy clearing out last years things, when my friend and I bought this fabric I clearly remember the shop keeper desperately trying to sell us the entire roll, 3m extra than we needed. We stood there for about 20 minutes trying to say no thank you, we don't have enough money! We barely had any pocket money left. Luckily in the end he gave the rest of it to us for free, I am sooo happy for that. Linen is the perfect circle skirt material, and I still don't have enough pocket money to go out and buy more of it. Oh the problems with being a teenager. For this DIY adventure I was inspired my a present that my mum bought me for christmas, this gorgeous Topshop dress. It is so simple, but the circleness of skirt  is incredibly flattering on any body type. I've seen many people wear circle skirts around town, it usually looks stunning.

Stuff you need:
2m of floral linen
Sewing machine

1. Measure you waist and calculate the radius of that (correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that is your waist length/2pi). Fold your fabric in half horizontally and then again vertically as can be seen below. The quarter-circle labeled w needs to have the radius of your waist. L should be length you would like your skirt to be + seam allowance. Cut along these 2 lines, once you open it all up it should look like a large donut.

2. Next cut a slit to open up the donut. Seam both the outer and inner circles.

3. Fold over the open edges and seam them up.

4. Bring the 2 edges together place the zipper face down on top, mark where it ends. Making sure both edges are touching and fronts of either side are facing each other sew from the bottom of the skirt up till the mark. Then attach the zipper. I found this tutorial really helpful.

 Spin and twirl around in this new artwork. Until next time!


Katie said...

LOVE THIS! I have to try it!
Katie xx

Anonymous said...

So cute, well done!

Mira said...

Wow well done. The skirt looks lovely <3

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mail4rosey said...

It came out so cute! Nice work!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Waaaaooo, that skirt turned out fantastic!! You are so crafty and talented!


Leanne said...

You have a great talent, this is a gorgeous skirt. I wish I had this skill!

What about following each other?

Love from South Africa


Constance said...

This is a gorgeous skirt, love it!!


Jenna said...

OMGOSH!!! i have been dying to learn how to sew JUST to make a use skirt. and this looks so easy & fun. thanks! i will be bookmarking this page haha

new follower :)


sismade said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the pattern you used! It's so happy and cute!


Eva Tocco said...

Very interesting tutorial =)
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Charlotte said...

I love this skirt!