Inspiration: Colored Short-Suits

Fashion week is so exciting! Apart from the fashion shows and possibly an even more treasured highlight of these occasions are the snaps of street fashion. Here, I'm loving the short-suit! Especially the bold colors, accessorised with an adorable flower each time. How about picking up some dye and shortening some trousers into a pair of camel shorts (an ever lasting obsession of mine)?


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

short suits can look so cool!! I want to get a suit for myself but still striving for the right one. =)

Kate said...

really great pictures, I am loving those short suits at the moment, so chic!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Iren Pokydchenko said...

These suits are so great! wish I could have one ;)

xoxo Iren

ncboodah said...

Love your pictures and the suits :)