DIY Neon Watch

It may be a tad messy but I still love this watch. The bright neon brings that pop that everyone will be searching for this summer. Fluorescents are one of the most refreshing colors and with summer just around the corner you should start stocking up on those fluorescent pieces and what better way to start off than with the bare necessity of organization, the watch. 

Having a contrasting buckle is optional but I feet the contrast harmonizes the entire accessory. 

Stuff you need:
An old or cheap plastic watch
Neon spray paint
Masking paint

1. Cover the parts of the watch that are not going to be sprayed with masking tape.

2. Preferably on a large sheet of newspaper spray paint the entire watch. For a more even coating, spray several thin layers of paint rather than one heavy coat. Remove the masking tape carefully.

Last but not at all least show off your new neon watch.


thestyleflux said...

Great idea! :)

Kaye Awatin

Laure said...

This is so trendy!!! I absolutely need to DIY an old watch !
Thank you very much for sharing!!


looks great! liking all the cool diys!!

Olga Kotsani said...

I love your neon watch! It's so eye-catching!
OMG, you're 13 years old and you love to sew??!! How embarassing? (for me!)
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment! I now follow you via GFC and I hope you feel like following me back! xxx


Cathy said...

One of the most amazing DIYS I've ever seen! (:

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Arden said...

This is seriously cool! xx

lisa signorini said...

amazing!!! the pink one is so cool!
Visit my blog and if u want we can follow each other!
have a great day!!!

Kosi Harris said...

Very creative, a new follower here!

Morgan Brooks said...

I love this and will be doing this ins the near future! I am giving away 50$ to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by and enter!

Nathan Moy said...

thanks for ur comment dear!
i love ur passion for DIY projects, and at such a young age! pls do keep ur passion and let it run wild!!!! ;)

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xx nathan.niche


Deadly Inlove said...

I never thought of that before, it's soo cool and color is just awesome!

Emily said...

Cute watches!

Sick by Trend said...

wow! it is suuuuuper cool! love it :) I'm following

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lucia m said...

love it!! great DIY!


Toni said...

This is great for the sportswear trend this summer!

Victoria said...

Gret job! :)

- Victoria

Maria said...

This is so cool :)

Sylvia from Dare to DIY said...

I love neon too!! But I tried to paint a necklace with spray a few weeks ago and It was a complete disaster... I guess the spray paint was not good enough! I'll try again :)


Karina De Jesus said...

neon is such a hit this season, I’m sure a lot of people will be recreating this. looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love this watch too. Turned out awesome. Love your blog :)