DIY Simple Strapless Dress

Now that summer is officially here it is the perfect time for all s's: swimming, smoothies, sunglasses and strapless dresses. This tutorial is an easy and inexpensive way to get your own strapless dress.

The result of this dress all depends on the fabric you choose. I was fortunate enough to come across an amazing summery floral while strolling through the fabric store the other day. I fell completely in love with it bought it immediatly.

Stuff you need:
1 meter of fabric
Sewing machine (needle and thread will do)

1. Iron the fabric.

2. Measure around above your chest, under your arms. Add 10cm to this measurement. Find the center of the top of the fabric, this should also be where the center of you measurement is. Cut from the sides of the measurements to the bottom corner of the fabric. It should now form a trapezoid.

3. Fold the fabric in half and pin the sides together. Then sew them together.

4. Now fold the top of the dress inwards. The seam should be large enough for the elastic to fit inside. Sew in place and leave a gap to put the elastic through.

5. Cut the elastic so that is 7 cm shorter than the initial measurement you took at the beginning of this tutorial. Use a safety pin to pull the elastic through. Sew the 2 ends of the elastic together and close the seam.

6. Last but not least trim the dress to your desired length and fold to make a seam.

Now that you've got yourself a new basic, dress it up and have fun wearing it all through summer!


Creativity&Chocolate said...

Great DIY and really nice dress ;)


Anonymous said...

Lovely idea!

Outside Looking In said...

This looks great and you gave perfect directions! Nice job!

sherene said...

Summer's over here in Philippines but will definitely follow this guide:))

Victoria said...

So wonderful! Great DIY :)

- Victoria

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

cute! I love it. Looks so simple but when it comes to something like this I bet I would end up with an unintentional asymmetrical hem. haha...


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Very pretty. I like the print you picked!

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Irina said...

great skirt!


Ivanna said...

Neat skirt, looks great!


Anastasiya Kononova said...

Nice dress!

Delvanni said...

very inspiring!


Lisa LaTroisième said...

WOW! Nice!

Thank you to have visited my blog and left your nice comment!

Kisses from London


samantha said...

it looks very good on you!


Pop Champagne said...

you make it seem so easy, love this DIY!

Melina said...

this is so cool, love it :)
U have a great blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)

Alexandra Marie said...

very lovely :) I wish i was more talented with sewing ! I am definitely following this blog and revisiting :)

Alexandra Marie

Fabliha said...

love that print :)

Marina said...

Beautiful dress!


Diana Marks said...

Great DIY! Thanks for sharing!

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kath said...

wow! great diy :D like the print :)


Jackie said...

What a lovely DIY! You look pretty in this dress! Love it :)



GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Nice job! The floral prints look beautiful.
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