DIY Key Ring Pendant

Oh how I love staring through the glass windows of Tiffany and admiring the beautiful bajillion dollar pieces of jewelry. With their rings to bracelets to necklaces, Tiffany never fails to take my breath away. These were definitely a unique idea and I loved them. So I bought some key rings and tried to make them on my own.

If you want you could use assorted sizes and colors of key rings or you could just keep it simple like I did.

Stuff you need:
Several key rings
Necklace chain

1. Lay out the rings in the form of the pendant.

2. Begin by attaching just 2 together like you would a normal key ring.

3. Then attach the rest of the rings.

Attach to a necklace chain and wear!

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Tori said...

Love this, I must try it!


out of order said...

love it, I've been messing around with jump rings, o-rings, and gold paper clips ;)

<3 Meghan

Creativity&Chocolate said...

What a great and original idea! love it!


Marga said...

Such an original idea! :)

lucia m said...

great diy!



Promotional Keyring said...

What a great idea! Love this.

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, I have to try this. Obsessed. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


Anonymous said...

Had a little browse through your blog its full of such creative things :)


Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea,I never know what to do with those damn things. I love finding other DIY blogs :D following you on blog lovin now xx

nadaschiccloset said...

hey there i just saw your blog and i love it, i love the way you are inspired to ake things yourself im like that aswell!

i would like to keep on touch with your blog amd learn new stuff, i hope you come and check out my blog please and follow thanks xx