DIY Little Birdie Phone Cover

Every phone deserves a cover to live in, they can't just be left naked. I know there are tons of cheap phone covers out there, but the cheapest ones are ALWAYS the clear plastic ones. After feeling incredible amounts of sympathy for my nude phone I decided to make it a little birdie cover from one of those clear plastic covers.

Stuff you need:
A small drawing or printout of something easily traceable (Of course you don't have to use a little birdie)
Clear plastic phone cover
Spray paint
Permanent marker
Masking tape

Tip: At each stage make sure to wait for the paint/marker to dry. Otherwise the image will appear smudged and messy.

1. Place the drawing or image under the cover. Make sure the inside of the cover is facing upwards.

2. Trace it with permanent marker.

3. Paint it.

4. Cover the outside in masking tape.

5. Spray paint the inside.

Peel of the masking tape. Ta-daa!


Chloe said...

So adorable and very clever also.


Fash Boulevard said...

omg. so cute. i love this. thanks for sharing, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. love to hear what u think of my latest post. xo


Talitha said...

Graet blog! I love your DIY posts as they are so easy to recreate.

Am a new follower, hope you can follow back!

Talitha xx

AMD said...

What a great idea! I am always changing mine up and have been thinking about DIY'ing new ones. Im inspired - your duck is adorable!


Fabliha said...

this is so cute!


Antee Gurung said...

hey love ya DIY. the outcome is very cute n adorable!! love the bird!!
anyways i just came across ur blog...n i think its very cute n creative!!! i would love to see more of ur upcoming posts in the future...So how abt we follow each other?? XOXO

Myrthe said...

Wat leuk zeg! Mooie DIY.

Ivana said...

This looks so cute and adorable! Love it!

xx Ivana

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Carmen said...

Thank you lovely! I love this DIY. Really cute! Follow back? xxx

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