DIY Fendi Inspired Button Down Skirt + New Year Resolutions

I walked past the Italian Luxury Brand, Fendi in a shopping mall the other day and noticed a manikin wearing this bright yellow skirt. I have to admit, at first I found it a tad bit boring. But after a while I liked the button down idea on an a-line skirt, it was different. When I came home there was a pile of my dad's old shirts on my bed that I was meant deconstruct and make something out of... this was the first thing that came to mind:
My versions:

Stuff you need:
A large mens shirt
A strip of elastic 6 cm less than the width of your waist
Needle and thread (Sewing machine would be preferable) 

1. Draw a line from under one armhole to the other and remove all fabric above it.

2. Use another skirt or pair of shorts that doesn't have elastic and fits well to mark size of you waist. Draw a line from each marking to the bottom corner of the shirt. Draw another line for seam allowance, cut along the seam allowance line to remove excess fabric.

3. Now there should be 2 pieces of fabric, place them on top of each other make sure both insides of the shirt are facing outwards. Pin them together and sew a little further out (about 1/2 a cm) than the lines that mark the size of your waist. I drew them again on the insides of the skirt.

4. Turn it inside out and open the buttons.

4. Fold the top of the fabric inwards and pin in place. Make sure there is enough room for the elastic to fit through.

6. Use a safety pin to pull the elastic through the seam.

7. Keep the elastic in place and sew it to the fabric at both ends where the buttons and buttonholes meet. If you need to, sew those ends together.

I finally finished my list of blog resolutions yesterday, I hope you can read my handwriting... it's tiny.

Happy new year everybody! I know for sure 2012 has a lot of great DIY's in store.


Ylenia said...

ehi, I have just found your blog, how interesting!!!

these diy ideas are really interesting, must try something myself :-)

Love, Ylenia | Longuette

Phuong said...

really nice DIY!

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House of Avandan said...

I like your DIY and your blog too!

NRC♥ said...

Well done on the diy!


Karina Dinda R. said...

Such a great post dear, thanks for sharing :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

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one more shoes

trouble.in.paradise said...

wow great job with the skirt. wish i was that creative!

A Beautiful Queen said...

cool blog. nice to know ur blog dear.. I'm ur new follower! mind to follow each other? :)


pinkmate said...

thank you for visiting my blog dear :) Great DIYs! Happy new year to you and your family!



SreeBindu said...

wao shirt into a shot? too cool :)
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Anonymous said...

I love this one especially <3 It's really interesting and very different to stuff i've seen:)

Amazing way to recreate some designer stuff :D

Happy New Year babe :)


Fash Boulevard said...

seriously amazing. obsessed with this and the color. great job. thanks for sharing, love. if you get a sec, i'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo