A Day Of DIYing + 4 DIY's

My friend and I had been planning this day for so long! We had a whole list of things planned but only managed to really finish 4. We actually spent 2 whole days DIYing: a day, a night and another day. But it was so much fun! Below are the results and how to make them.

The DIY Tie Dye Top
Stuff you need:
Plain t-shirt
Rubber Bands

1. Bunch up a bit of the shirt.
2. Tie a rubber band at the bottom of the bunched up bit.
3. If you want you can add 1 or 2 more rubber band to a few of the bunched up bits.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 and cover up the entire shirt.
5. According to instructions in your dye packet dye the fabric.
6. Once the fabric is dry remove the rubber bands and iron.

I really love this method of tie-dye because it is so much more wearable than the multicolored ones, yet still fun to make.

The DIY High-Waisted Dress

We found this amazing tutorial at Talk To The Trees. Below are just a few photos showing how we made the dresses.

The DIY Adjustable Ring 
Stuff you need:
Water hose grip
Screw driver

1. Begin by placing the water hose grip on a flat surface.
2. Hold the grip with pliers and pry it open using a screw driver.

The ring is adjustable so you can wear it on any toe or finger that you want. At the bottom of the ring there will be a small hole, possibly a place for a jewel or embellishment.

The DIY Lace Headband
Stuff you need:
Elastic lace
Needle and thread

1. Put the lace around your head and tighten until you feel it fits right. Cut 2 cm more than where it fits right.
2. Sew the 2 ends together and wear.

I love lace. 


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I love to tie dye
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