DIY Loose Fitting Cardigan

I am not entirely sure whether this is a cardigan or not because google failed to inform me. So I have decided to call it a cardigan anyway. 

When I started this project with a long sleeved shirt I was hoping for something more cardigan-like. But half way through it hit me that this was not going to turn out like I had planned. Lesson learned: large shirts do not make for very good fitting cardigans. Regardless I am still very pleased with the result!

Stuff you need:
Large t-shirt (I only used a long sleeved shirt because I liked the color of it)
Needle and thread (sewing machine is preferable)
Embroidery floss (optional)

1. Remove the neckline and shorten the length of the tee to your preferred length. Fold inwards and pin.

2. Sew both the bottom of the tee and the neckline in place.

3. Cut straight down the middle of the tee. Fold inwards, pin and sew in place.

4. If you are using a long sleeved tee shorten the sleeves and make a seam.

I embroidered the neckline only because I was in the mood to embroider something, but you could also add buttons or a ribbon.


Sabrina said...

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M said...

wow great idea! :D you're so creative!

Kdotorg said...

This is really great, so creative!
Really loving your blog, follow each other?

Brigita said...

Would love to se this in an outfit! It has a nice color (:
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xx Brigita

Notes She Wrote said...

this turned out way cute!! Did you just come up with it on your own? that's awesome! :)

my mini bag said...

Cute DIY. Will try this out and recycle my clothes.

thanks for sharing.


Ivana said...

Another fab DIY, love it!

xx Ivana

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Anonymous said...

It's really pretty :)


Doux Rousse said...

Whoa crazy! Love it!

Doux Rousse

badBarbara said...

I like the embroidery!

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your blog is so creative! I have another blogger friend who is 13, and is just as awesome as you! I love that younger girls are teaching me new things!! thank you so much for the inspiration!

I am following! <3 besos.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!

Gotamy A said...

Thanks for your comment =D wow thanks for the idea ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I really like your DIY's...Your are so creative!!!


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Very cute!


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Nice DIY!!

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Very cool ..you're so creative!

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Very nice work!!

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Thats great idea!:)

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Dina said...

cool :D

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super cute! will try this asap. hope you're still following me...following you back!



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