DIY Buckled Friendship Bracelets

Here is a snapshot from of a page from my look book which is filled with all the inspiration for this DIY project. The original idea came from the friendship bracelet buckles I saw in the recent spring 2012 HnM catalogue. I really like the idea because they make friendship bracelets seem more clean and expensive. I still love the messy authentic friendship bracelets with loose threads hanging out at the ends but why have an occasional change?

This bracelet does not necessarily have to be made using a friendship bracelet, I used it because it was a part of my inspiration. You could use fabric, rope etc.

Stuff you need:
A buckle
Needle and thread
Fray stop/Glue
Friendship bracelet/Fabric/Rope etc. ( This material will need to be able to wrap around your wrist 1.5x)

1. Use the pin to make a hole near the end of your bracelet.

2. Place the pointy part of the bracelet through the hole.

3. Push both parts of the bracelet that are on either end of the buckle through the buckle.

5. Trim the excess fabric or string and sew them both together.

6. Trim the excess string on the other end of the bracelet too and create a few holes on that end using the same technique used in step 1.

And that is it :)

p.s. These look best worn in bulk.


Lilli said...

This is soo cute!:) I like it and also the colors! Well done!:) Kisses!

Mens Bracelets said...

This look's cute, I like to use this type of bracelt. It's color combination was good.

Style Servings said...

What a cute idea!


Sabrina said...

beautiful post!!!!

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Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh that is adorable! Love the turn out!

JANICE G said...

great DIY~!

thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment!

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nancy @ adore to adorn said...

cute idea! =)

Satin And Salt said...

Tara I really love this diy project! I make bracelets like that all the time and I never thought to add a buckle! Thanks for the comment on my Monster Egg post! Would you maybe want ot follow each other?



Marica said...

What a fun idea! I'll have to dig around for some buckles I have around the house and try this out!

The life of Clare said...

This is such a great idea to spark up the good old friendship band! Thanks for sharing.

Peach Punch said...

like always I love what you do with your hands!
xo xo Dia.

Fash Boulevard said...

omg, adore this. love this post, hun. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


Anonymous said...

Nice love it xx

paajonk ♥ said...

Amazing blog!


Lucie Srbová said...

Lovely bracelet!!!

Kisses, Lucy:)

NEF 'N NAT said...

loooove this, should prob try it :)


Doux Rousse said...

I want to make a handful of these and add them to my arm party. Love!


Caitlin C. said...

I haven't worn a friendship bracelet in years! These are coming back, though - I love yours and the colors in it!

Audrey Leighton said...

Love this DIY...so creative and so fun, will have to try it!

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Laura said...

Beautiful bracelet, I love the colors! Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, wish you a great weekend!:*

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful! :)

maarnietvangrijs said...

Wonderful! I LOVE your blog!!!! (and your name, my youngest daughter has the same name! ;-))

Honey from VeryHoney.com said...

This is awesome!

Marina said...

So cute amazing Idea !!


Sylvia from Dare to DIY said...

OMG! I've never been patient enough to make these bracelets... Great job!


Lilly said...

I love this! Must have taken you ages, I still have the one you made for me all those months ago :) You have such skill for DIY! xxx

Sam said...

so cute! great idea!


Zeenya said...

Love your bracelet, Tara!

taghreed moj said...

Soo cute