DIY Hair Cuff

Say goodbye to scrunchies and hair tie's to welcome in a new era of hair accessories: the hair cuff. Although it still has to be worn with a hair tie underneath I am quite confident that this accessory is a brilliant replacement for the hair tie. It's stylish, modern and wearable.

I was looking for more of a imperfect hair cuff, something crumpled maybe so here is my take on the hair cuff:

Stuff you need:
A sheet of aluminum
Spray paint

1. Cut the sheet of aluminum foil so the length is enough to go around a ponytail and width is about 5 cm.

2. Spray paint it whatever color you want. I think gold would look really good, but currently don't have any in my stash of spray paint. Meanwhile place your wire in hot water to make it more pliable.

3. Fold the edges inwards.

4. Place your wire lengthwise on the foil and fold the foil until it is one strip.

 5. Bend it so that it is in the shape of a cuff. Then bend both the wire ends so that they form hooks.

All there is left do is wear with style!


Kiek said...

very nice, I really like a hair cuff! (:

IBWV said...

love the silver

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Style Servings said...

So clever!


Elsie Anonymous said...

Wow, love that hairband. And your blog, its encouraged me to do more diy! Great ideas xo


House of Avandan said...

Very nice and creative.

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cleverandcatchy said...

this is cute! i might have to try this out. i saw someone do this with links of a bracelet or necklace too


swellmayde said...

So cute and creative! Great job!

- Aimee

Psycho Cat said...

I can't belive that you are only 13 and so creative :)
Great job Tara.

Sophia said...

I really love the crumpled effect. It looks so amazing! <3


Eni said...

nice ideas cute blog I'm following You :) come to visit my blog dear

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

tee hee - clever. =)

Helena Resende said...

You are very creative! * :)
Lovely blog*


nitaalir said...

you have very nice posts! great job :))
if you like our blog too we could follow each other!!


The Marcy Stop said...

Very cool!! Love it.
xx, Micol


Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, I love this. Fabulous post, love. Thanks for sharing. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xo


Francesca Felix said...

love this DIY!!! so smart. you have a great blog!!

chic, moda, glam... said...

Super cute!! Great DIY posts.
Hope you can follow back!

Confetti said...

I stumbled across your blog-very cool!

Shara said...

the heels are crazy!!great:)kisses La Folie 

CherryCherry said...

très ingénieuses idées!!!j'adore!