DIY Bottega Veneta Inspired Duct Tape Pouch

Who doesn't love Bottega's classic woven design? I always have. It distinguishes Bottega from all other brands, even copies don't manage to carry it off as well as they do. I gave it try... with duct tape.

Today I found out that the duct in duct tape was spelt d-u-c-t not d-u-c-k. Oh well, we learn something new everyday don't we :)

Stuff you need:
Duct tape (TOP TIP: When cutting duct tape make a small slit where you want to cut and rip the rest of the way. You will definitely get a straight cut) 
Some sort of opening and closing contraption eg. buttons and zippers (optional)

1. Cut a strip of tape 15 cm long.

2. Cut the strip in half.

3. Carefully fold both strips in half. You will need 36 strips.

4. Weave the strips together so they look like the photo below. Use 18 strips for each one.

5. Place one on top of the other.

6. Cut a strip of duct tape the length you would like your pouch to be and seal the bottom of both pieces together.

7. Trim both the sides.

8. Seal the sides with duct tape and trim the top.

9. Cut 2 strips of duct tape. Use them to seal both sides of the top of the pouch.

I somehow managed to make a button and string contraption to close the pouch... Ta-daa!

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The life of Clare said...

Love this! What a great idea and so easy! Thanks so much for sharing! You have such a great blog, filled with amazing ideas!