DIY Jennifer Behr Inspired Ball Chain Head Wrap

As soon as I saw this head wrap I fell in love with every thing about it, how chic it is, the elegance, the style and all the rest... except its price. So I decided to do a DIY.

Stuff you need:
Fabric (I used green silk)
String of beads
Needle and thread

1. Begin by cutting two strips of your fabric. Each should be 30 cm in length and 4 cm in width. Fold them in half length wise and sew down the length near the raw edge.

2. Then turn both the strips inside out.

3. Next, on one side of each strip turn the raw edge inwards and pin.

4. Then sew in place.

5. After that measure around your head and subtract 5 cm from the number. Cut your string of beads to that length.

6. Now take one strip of fabric and put a single bead from an end of the beaded string into the open end of the fabric strip. Using the needle and thread sew in place.

7. It should end up looking like this.

8. Then tie a ribbon.


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