DIY Golden Beaded Bangle

So, I began this project thinking I would be making a headband... But somehow I took a complete detour and it turned out as this:
Stuff you need:
6-8 beads of your choice
Needle-nose pliers

1. Begin by cutting your preferred length of wire that fits around your wrist and place it in a bowl of warm-hot water. This way it will be easier for you to shape the bracelet with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

2. Then put the wire through the beads. Make sure that at least 1 bead has gone through both wire ends so that the circle is held in place.

2. Next, take your yarn and knot it next to the bead that is on both wire ends.

3. Take some glue and rub it along the wire. Knot the yarn when you get a little less than a quarter of the way through the circular wire. Cut the yarn and repeat three more times.



Anonymous said...

Hi Omg I've never met you but you are like so cool this is amazing this is like OMG you are like a prodigy omg omg omg omg I hope some like design company like Vouge or something finds you I<3YOU!!!


Tania Trejos said...

Welcome to the blogosfere!!!

I hope you visit my blog, sorry for my english I know is so bad but the important of this is if you can understand me, can you??? jajajajhahahaha

This flower in my country (Nicaragua) is called Sacuanjoche and is the National flower.

Well now you have a new follower!!!

Kiss and hugs

Tania Trejos


Yazmin E said...

You remember me when i was 14 years old i started to do mi own DIY with my clothes...and i still make DIY, I LOVE IT! Congrats for u works!

Kiss from spain