DIY Burberry Prorsum Inspired Bracelet

Burberry Prorsum.
Prorsum is Latin for ahead.
Burberry Prorsum's spring 2012 RTW collection is ahead in so many ways.

Aren't they bewitching? Every piece was conceived so brilliantly that I couldn't take my eyes off a single model Burberry Prorsum sent down the runway. I especially love the fresh use of color and pattern.
From style.com
And this is what the line inspired me to DIY...

I have always wanted to do a b&w tutorial and I thought this one looked quite cool in b&w.

Stuff you need
Fabric, Beads, Ribbons (whatever you want to use)
A strip of fake leather (do not kill animals for clothing!)
Needle and Thread

There was an old fake leather pouch lying around so I though I would rip it up and use some of it for the tutorial.

1. Choose what materials you want to use and put them together to make your bracelet. (Top tip: LAYER, LAYER, LAYER)

2. Once everything is stuck together thread a needle, knot the end and sew through one end of the bracelet. cut and repeat on the other end. 

Tie it round your wrist and ta-daa!

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